Two decades ago, Larry Huch visited Israel for the first time; a trip he said changed both his life and his theology.

Now a pastor in Bedford, Texas where he leads the DFW New Beginnings church, Huch is also a board member of the Israel Allies Foundation, and has close to thirty trips to Israel under his belt.

Speaking with Arutz Sheva Sunday during a visit to the Barkan industrial zone in Samaria alongside 25 pro-Israel MPs from around the world, Pastor Huch explained what brought him, as the leader of a Christian congregation in northeast Texas, to become so interested in the Jewish state, thousands of miles away.

“This is my 36th trip to the nation of Israel. By coming here, when I came here twenty-something years ago, just by coming changed my life, changed my theology, changed everything I believe. I realized that the Jewish people are our brothers, our sisters; this is their land,” Said Pastor Huch.

“This is the land that was not only given to the Jewish people by politicians – by the San Remo [Conference], by Balfour – but it was given to the Jewish people by God. It affected me so much that I made it my life to help stand with the Jewish people and the nation of Israel and let the world know what the truth is about this marvelous land.”

Having visited Israel dozens of times, Huch said he was appalled both by anti-Israel propaganda abroad, as well as Israel’s “terrible” public relations efforts.

“There are so many lies that are being told about what’s happening in Israel, what’s happening with Jews and Arabs working together. And it is really important that we get the message out of what is really going on.”

“The one thing I have against Israel is that they have terrible PR. Because this is one of the most wonderful nations in the world. And God’s word tells us that if we bless Israel, He will bless us. Through Israel and the Jewish people, all the world will be blessed. It is a land of great biblical truths and a land of great people who will do things to change the world.”

Regarding the Israel Allies Foundation’s mission, Huch said its primary goal was to disprove the notion that Jews are foreign “occupiers” in the Land of Israel.

“The most important thing we’re countering is that the Jewish people are ‘occupiers’. They’re not occupiers. There’s a scripture in the Bible that says that a three-stranded cord is not easily broken.”

“Those three strands, when I’m teaching on television are: The land itself proves that it belongs to the Jewish people – the Pilgrimage Road [in Jerusalem], the archeological digs; it proves that the Jewish people have been here for thousands of years.”

“Number two, the political strand: All the way back to the San Remo [Conference of 1920], to the Balfour [Declaration], to the Allied forces saying ‘This is the land that belongs to the Jewish people.’”

“But the most important thing is what God’s word says. And God’s word says: ‘I’m going to bring the Jewish people back from the four corners of the Earth.’”

“The second part of the prophecy says the gentiles will help bring the Jews back to their land. So our church and our ministry, we spend a lot of effort getting people around the world to partner with the nation of Israel, to get Jews to make Aliyah back to the land that God said he would give to their descendants.”

“This is history in the making – it is prophecy in the making, and we want everyone who can to be a part of it.”