Yoram Cohen
Yoram CohenFlash 90

Yoram Cohen, the former head of the Shin Bet intelligence service spoke this morning (Thursday) about the tactic of assassinations. "They are effective tool, I have heard many say that the number 2 (of the organization) simply replaces him (the leader of Islamic Jihad), of course he will be replaced but he will not have his drive and capabilities."

Cohen said that one should be cautious of speaking about the return of IDF's deterrence, "deterrence is always judged in the future, not in real time, not in a press conference and never said celebratory."

Cohen criticized the closing of work places in the countries' central cities, "I assume there was intelligence that the Jihad's response was going to be much harsher than it was. It is incorrect to put ourselves in this position, as it's a psychological success for the enemy."

When asked if the lack of government effects the war he answered, "the only thing that effects it is our actions, not what we say. Our weakness is the fact that we make these statements, the enemy grows in self confidence from them."