Fire balloons
Fire balloonsReuters

35 thousand dunam of agricultural land has been destroyed by 'fire balloons' and other incendiary devices, flown over the Gaza border. Now, the Keren Keyemeth L'Yisroel (KKL-JNF) is suing an American 'philanthropic' organization for funding these terror activities.

Yediot Ahronot reported this morning (Thursday), that the KKL-JNF has began proceedings against Education For a Just Peace in the Middle East, an American BDS supporting organization that has allegedly sent money to fund terror in Gaza.

The money was raised in the U.S. under the name 'U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights,' and was sent to terror groups including Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Money from BDS movements for years has been used for terror activities but the KKL-JNF has managed to prove a connection between BDS and the terror groups.

This is the first court case brought concerning incendiary devices from Gaza.