A tweet by the Associated Press about the massacre of Israeli athletes in Munich 47 years ago which failed to mention terror and referred to the terrorists as "guerrillas" sparked outrage on Saturday night.

The tweet, published to mark the 47th anniversary of the massacre carried out by Palestinian "Black September" says: "On Sept. 5, 1972, the Palestinian group Black September attacked the Israeli Olympic delegation at the Munich Games, killing 11 Israelis and a police officer. German forces killed five of the gunmen."

Many surfers attacked the news agency. One wrote, "In 50 years, bin Laden will be seen as a freedom fighter for the Middle East."

Stand-in Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nazar Amer tweeted: "AP, 47 years have passed and you still can't do it properly. It's not a group and not guerrillas. They were terrorists who murdered innocent Israeli athletes. Change it immediately."

The victims of the Munich massacre were: David Berger, Joseph Guttfreund, Moshe Weinberg, Eliezer Halfio, Mark Slavin, Ze'ev Friedman, Joseph Romano, Kahat Shore, Andrei Spitzer, Amitsur Shapiro and Jacob Springer.