Jonathan and Esther Pollard
Jonathan and Esther PollardReuters

Esther Pollard, wife of Jonathan Pollard, is suffering from an advanced stage of breast cancer and recent tests have indicated that the disease has also spread to her bones.

Army Radio’s Ilil Shahar reported on Tuesday that Jonathan Pollard hopes Washington will understand the severity of the situation and ease the stringent conditions of his release.

Esther Pollard’s treatments are expected to begin in the next few days in the United States.

Jonathan and Esther hope that after the treatments, they will be able to arrive in Israel for the recovery process. In the meantime, Jonathan is requesting that the restriction on his freedom of movement be lifted so that he can accompany his wife to the hospital.

Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich (United Right) said, "Prime Minister Netanyahu needs to do everything possible to bring Jonathan and Esther Pollard home to Israel. Iran is important, but bringing Pollard home is urgent, and most of all is Jewish, moral and humane."

"ביקשתי מנתניהו שישוחח עם טראמפ"באדיבות קשת, חדשות 12

Pollard told Channel 12 News in an interview on Monday that he has asked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to intercede with US President Donald Trump to ease restrictions on his movement so he can care for his wife.

"I can't take care of my wife properly now because I have no freedom of movement. I'm not mobile. If she needs something in the middle of the night, I can't leave home," he explained. "Esther has been fighting for my life for 30 years. Now it's my turn."

When Pollard was released from prison in 2015 after serving 30 years of his life sentence for transmitting classified information to Israel, his parole commission imposed strict parole guidelines. He is not allowed to leave his home between 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., he is monitored by a GPS device, even on Shabbat and holidays, and his computers are monitored.