Jonathan Pollard: 'My wife is seriously ill, asking for help'

'I can't take care of my wife properly bec. I don't have freedom of movement. Esther fought for my life for 30 yrs., now it's my turn.'

Sara Rubenstein ,

צילום: באדיבות חדשות 12

Former Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard told Channel 12 News in an interview on Monday that he has asked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to intercede with United States President Donald Trump to ease restrictions on his movement so he can care for his wife, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

"I have an important topic to bring to public knowledge which is a matter of life and death - a humanitarian concern - a crisis that my wife and I are going through," Pollard said.

Pollard said his wife Esther is suffering from cancer for the third time but this time the cancer is aggressive. "I immediately contacted the prime minister through Ambassador Ron Dermer and asked for help."

"I can't take care of my wife properly now because I have no freedom of movement. I'm not mobile. If she needs something in the middle of the night, I can't leave home," he added. "Esther has been fighting for my life for 30 years. Now it's my turn."

"I ask Netanyahu to personally contact President Trump and request relief on my terms of release," Pollard asserted. "I'm confident, hopeful that Netanyahu can make this call. I was told by Netanyahu's office that he would get involved. I can't imagine Netanyahu not making an effective call. I can't imagine Trump refusing."

Pollard said in the interview that his freedom from prison is like a "virtual prison" because of all the restrictions placed on him.

"I want to make it very clear that I'm not doing anything in violation of my parole guidelines at all," Pollard clarified. "So I want people to be reassured on that score. I specifically invited you here to our home so that people wouldn't see in an interview on the street that they would misinterpret as an ambush."

The Prime Minister's Office responded to the Pollard's interview on Monday night: "Israel remains committed to Jonathan Pollard's return. The prime minister will continue to work toward his return to Israel."

When Pollard was released from prison in 2015 after serving 30 years of his life sentence for transmitting classified information to Israel, his parole commission imposed strict parole guidelines. He is not allowed to leave his home between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m., he is monitored by a GPS device, even on Shabbat and holidays, and his computers are monitored.