Members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard
Members of the Iranian Revolutionary GuardReuters

Zvi Yehezkeli, News 13's analyst for Arab issues, spoke to 103 FM Radio about the mysterious attacks in Iraq and Syria, which he believes will continue.

Last week, you said Israel should continue attacking Iranian bases in Iraq and Syria, and that's what happened. What's next? What will the next developments in the conflict with Iran be?

"It will continue, because we're not talking about specific attacks. We're talking about a country inching towards Israel's border, a country backed by a country with reserves - Syria and Iraq, which is behind Syria. It's a country with a Shiite messianic vision to come and defeat all Sunnis in the area, and they won't stop, so the attacks in Iraq are attacks at the eleventh hour. Israel saw the entrenchment and did it the moment they moved missiles which can attack Israel into Iran. The moment Iran has weapons which shift the balance, Israel attacks."

Will the Israeli attacks continue?

"As long as the Iranians are trying to move weapons to these areas. And because and in accordance with that, it can happen in Iraq also. And I wouldn't be surprised if it happens in other places where the Iranians are. It could also happen in Yemen. I'm looking at how the Iranians are preparing, at Qasem Soleimani, who heads the terror arm of the Revolutionary Guards and who is in Iraq, and at how he prepared for Israel to continue attacking - he evacuated bases, he hid weapons. The Iranians believe that Israel will continue attacking them."

Meaning that the Iranians are preparing for Israel's next attacks.

"Certainly. They feel frustrated and helpless, because they can't reach us, it's kind of an embarrassment. They aren't supposed to be in Iraq and Syria. That's why they're not avenging these attacks."

The Iranians are helpless because they don't know how to respond.

"Correct, on the one hand they are working to reduce damage, because they know that the attacks will continue, and on the other hand, when they continue moving missiles - every time they send a shipment to Syria, after a few hours they put their heads down and there was an attack."

You mentioned Qasem Soleimani. Isn't it time Israel or an emissary eliminated him? He's the snake pulling all the strings.

"It's time. Soleimani is a person with charisma who has made the Revolutionary Guards our neighbors in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen and who has conquered Lebanon. If he's not around, Israel will have it much easier. The question of his elimination has been raised a few times, by the Americans and by Israel - I don't know why a decision hasn't been made. If you ask me, quality eliminations could be carried out on only two people - Hassan Nasrallah and Qasem Soleimani. Nasrallah is hiding, Soleimani is still out there."

So you would suggest eliminating Qasem Soleimani.

"If they would ask me, I would say yes. Because part of the war is to get rid of missiles and harm the Revolutionary Guard's bases, I would hit the head of that arm of terror. I would do it."