the meeting
the meetingPolice spokesperson

The commander of the Lev Birah police station in Jerusalem and Israel Police Chief Rabbi Rami Barkiahu met with Yaakov Druck, director of housing at Seeach Sod, the haredi special education school where the autistic teenager who was beaten by police yesterday is enrolled.

The officers who participated in the meeting expressed their regret over the incident and promised to examine the case thoroughly and transparently.

In addition, the officers stressed that the police activity was intended to prevent threats to human life as a result of illegal Lag Ba'Omer bonfires.

When the forces arrived, dozens of extremists began rioting. Police claimed that the autistic teenager attacked a police officer before he was arrested.

"We are not against the police. We are working in full cooperation with the police, and we even enjoy the service that the police give us throughout the year," Druck said.

The representatives of the organization were told that at the stage of the attack and the arrest, it was not clear to the police that the youth had special needs. Despite the calls from those present at the scene, the police are required to clarify the identity and details of a suspect only after the arrest.

The Seeach Sod representatives discussed their work in providing treatment and care to disabled members of the haredi community, and the police agreed to hold additional meetings and visits with the organization to familiarize officers with the special needs community.