Bennett addresses foreign dignitaries at Yad Vashem
Bennett addresses foreign dignitaries at Yad VashemSpokesperson

Education Minister Naftali Bennett addressed ambassadors to Israel and representatives of the diplomatic corps at the annual ceremony at Yad VaShem marking International Holocaust Memorial Day.

Bennett used the address to call on European nations to stand with Israel against what he said is the "need breed of anti-Semitism" targeting the Jewish State.

"These days, there is unfortunately a new breed of antisemitism that rather than attacking Jews, attacks the Jewish state. Rather than singling out the Jews, they single out the Jewish state," said Bennett. "We expect our friends, and everyone here is a good friend, to stand up with Israel."

Bennett added, however, that "the Jewish lesson is that the Jews and the State of Israel will defend ourselves by ourselves. That is a fundamental part of the meaning of Israel, and every Israeli has that in the back of our minds."

A further lesson of the Holocaust Bennett noted, was a lesson for all humanity. "Everyone must call out evil, and stand up for the weak wherever they are. This is a challenge but we always have to do that. We should never single out anyone because of the color of their skin, their race, or beliefs," he said.

"We always remember the Shoah, and we should never forget what happened, because there are people out there who will try and distort it and tell lies. We will never forget."