IDF soldiers perform arrest (archive)
IDF soldiers perform arrest (archive) Flash 90

The military prosecution today announced its intention to file indictments against five soldiers suspected of beating two Arabs they held as detainees and severely injured them while they were handcuffed and blindfolded.

The soldiers, who serve in the haredi Netzach Yehuda Nachal battalion, were arrested upon the opening of the investigation, and their detention was extended until now by the military court.

With the filing of an indictment against the fighters later this week, the prosecution is expected to request an extension of their remand until the end of the proceedings.

The soldiers were interrogated on suspicion of committing aggravated offenses, causing serious injury under aggravated circumstances, and some of them also on suspicion of attempting to disrupt the interrogation.

In addition to the soldiers, an officer with the rank of lieutenant, the commander of the fighters, was also arrested. The hearing on his case will take place in court later today.