Egged Transport bus
Egged Transport bus Meir Selah

Drivers for the Egged Transport company announced this morning, Sunday, that they would start a strike on all the company lines operating throughout the country.

The strike was announced following the shooting attack on the company bus near Beit El last night, during which the bus driver was slightly injured by glass shards.

The drivers demand that the buses on the route to Beit El be replaced by bullet-proof buses, instead of the buses currently traveling on this route that are not bullet-proof.

Raed Meshal, chairman of Egged Transport drivers' committee, said: "This is the second time in two months that a driver has been hit by gunfire on this line. Security officials changed the map of entitlement to bullet-proofed lines, despite the previous incident in Beit El in November. We have often warned about the need for armored vehicles and have not received response."

The cities in which Egged Transport operates are Netanya, some of the lines in Jerusalem, Gush Etzion, the Binyamin Envelope and the Jerusalem Envelope.