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How is it possible that Avner Netanyahu worked in the past with the father of a terrorist? Erel Segal spoke on 103FM with Elhanan Gruner of the Jewish Voice who revealed the Prime Minister and his wife even visited him.

"The father of a terrorist who carried out a stabbing attack in Ra'anana three years ago is working at Duvshanit bake shop on Palmach Street in Jerusalem and published on his Facebook a show of sympathy for his terrorist son. In his court testimony it was revealed that that bakery provides food to the President, and it additionally turned out that the Prime Minister's son, Avner Netanyahu, worked there in 2018 for six months. Even his father (Binyamin Netanyahu) and his wife came to visit him there. According to what it says it seems to be a serious failure."

The interviewer was not surprised since he had been exposed to more Shin Bet security unit fiascos: "In 2009, private investigators followed the Prime Minister but the one who recognized them was the Prime Minister himself and not the Shin Bet security unit. The issue of Yair Netanyahu's driver is another failure. A driver was hired who was basically a private investigator who recorded the Prime Minister's son and distributed the recording media. I wonder if he came in so easily to his position maybe other hostile elements also bypassed these units. This time we find the proximity of the Prime Minister's son to a man whose son is a terrorist and who expresses sympathy for terrorists. This raises questions about the security system and the checks that are being made."

Elhanan said that he even had a conversation with the manager of the bakery who revealed he had hidden the fact that he went to visit his son in hospital after he was shot by masked gunmen: "The owner of the place told me recently his youngest son (12 year old) was shot at a wedding and he went to visit him Hadassah hospital. It turned out he hadn't been hit at a wedding but photographed a group of masked men who opened fire in the air and he took a bullet. I immediately was reminded of the soldier Tomer Hazan's case, who worked at a restaurant in Bat Yam with an Arab whose brother was in prison because of an attack he carried out."