The father of an IDF soldier seriously wounded during a recent terror attack thanked worshippers who gathered at the Western Wall in Jerusalem to pray for his son.

On December 13th, two soldiers were killed and two people wounded when terrorists opened fire on a group of Israelis at Givat Assaf Junction on Route 60, north of Jerusalem.

Among the wounded was 21-year-old IDF soldier Netanel Felber, an American immigrant to Israel serving in the Netzach Yehuda Battalion (also known as ‘Nahal Haredi’).

Hundreds gathered to pray at the Western Wall Sunday night on Felber’s behalf, following a public plea from Felber’s parents.

Later, Netanel’s father thanked the public for their prayers.

"Today, you all came on his behalf. My son, my wife, my daughter and I all very much appreciate the support that you all have given."

"No one can ever take away from me the 21 wonderful years I had with him. Of course I hope that he lives to 120, but I have to give thanks for the 21 years [he's had thus far]."