Hundreds pray at Western Wall
Hundreds pray at Western Wallspokesperson

Some 700 women took part this morning in a festive Rosh Chodesh service at the Western Wall plaza marking the beginning of the Hebrew month of Tevet on Sunday.

The celebratory prayer takes place every month in the face of the provocations by the Women of the Wall, which some 30 women took part in this month.

The organizers of the festive prayer service said that despite the disturbances on the part of the Worshipers of the Wall, the prayer service took place without incident.

Bezalel Zinni, chairman of the joint committee for the preservation of the sanctity of the Western Wall, said: "Today we received a festive and uplifting atmosphere at Rosh Chodesh and Hanukkah at the Western Wall. The masses of worshipers and worshipers who have come to pray in the sanctity and tradition of Israel express that a marginal and somber handful that comes to provoke will not dictate the agenda, but rather those who continue the path of the Maccabees and not to harm the tradition of Israel and the sanctity of the remnant of our Temple."

"As in those days, even at this time, the struggle against the Torah continues, and it is our duty not to give it a foothold in the remains of our Temple. I call upon the legal authorities and the management of the Western Wall to carry out their duties and to stop any damage to the sanctity of the Western Wall," he added.