Nava Boker
Nava Boker Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

MK Nava Boker (Likud) explained to Arutz Sheva the importance of her new bill, which seeks to prevent anyone who has not served in the army or in national civil service from receiving affirmative action.

According to Boker, the bill would abolish the affirmative action for minorities who do not serve in the IDF that currently exists in universities and colleges and grants them privileges, thereby discriminating against those serving in the IDF and contributing to the state.

According to the amendment, academic institutions may not apply a policy of affirmative action towards Israeli citizens who did not serve in the army or national service.

The purpose of the bill is to regulate the conditions of admission to Israeli academia in legislation with regard to disadvantaged populations, thus encouraging equality of burden and the integration of all sectors of society.

"Affirmative action is intended to correct injustice, and in practice it creates a much more serious injustice: it turns the Israeli Arabs, who refuse to contribute to the state, into the masters, and the Jews, who carry the burden of defending the State of Israel, into the slaves,” she said.

"After being released, soldiers invest a lot in order to be admitted to institutions of higher learning, and during their studies they have to work hard to pay for their tuition and living expenses. Alongside them are young people (mainly members of minorities) who chose not to serve the country in military or civilian service, but enjoy lenient acceptance criteria and large scholarships for studies and living expenses. The time has come to cancel the theater of the absurd. If they will give - they will receive, if they don’t give - they will not receive," the MK concluded.

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