Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett Reuters

Education Minister Naftali Bennett addressed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Sunday evening and proposed a possible outline for resolving the crisis over the Polish Holocaust Law.

In his appeal, Bennett emphasized the problematic nature of the joint declaration by the governments of Israel and Poland, as described last week by Yad Vashem, and explained that despite the importance of the connection with Poland, "friendship in the present can not be a pretext for distorting past events."

The Education Minister proposed an alternative plan, according to which the governments of Israel and Poland would cancel the validity of the previous declaration and jointly declare a new document, based on a number of principles.

The Four Principles of Bennet's plan: 1: The two nations have a deep commitment based on long-standing friendship. 2: A joint working team will be established to discuss any sensitive/controversial event. 3: Historical facts will be discussed by historians rather than by public figures. 4: This statement replaces the previous statement.

Bennett signed the letter saying, "In the present situation, I believe that this is a balanced and logical outline that will meet the needs of both Israel and Poland; The memory of the Holocaust and its transmission from generation to generation are a national mission and commitment. "

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