Dor Sela and the two children
Dor Sela and the two children None

Four cumulative life sentences were imposed Wednesday afternoon on Nadav Sela, who was convicted of murdering his wife, two children and a neighbor's son in the northern Israeli town of Migdal.

Prior to that, the judges of the Nazareth District Court, Asher Kola, Danny Tzarfati and Renana Gelfaz Mokdi, unanimously convicted Sela. They rejected the claims made by the defense about Sela's mental state, as well as the claim that no motive was found.

In their verdict, they wrote that "The terrible act committed by the accused is not normative and it is difficult to understand its meaning, but that does not absolve the perpetrator from responsibility for his actions. Not in every case does the perpetrator of the murder reveal a motive for the act, and the background to terrible acts, such as those committed here by the accused, often remains shrouded in mystery."

The judges added that "The accused before us murdered his wife and children. With his own hands he destroyed his entire family, in addition to stretching out his hand against the son of the neighbors ... It is hard to understand such an act and the natural tendency is to look for amotive. However, when dealing with a system of family relations, which is intimate and prolonged, there may have been tensions that were not visible to those around."