Elor Azariya
Elor AzariyaFlash 90

The parents of soldier Elor Azariya, Oshra and Charlie, were ecstatic following the release of their son on Tuesday morning from military prison, nine months after he began serving his sentence.

"I ran like crazy down the stairs and I see him suddenly coming in," Oshra said in an interview with Galey Israel. “His dog came down with me, jumped on his duffle bag and wouldn’t get off. He seems like he’s still in shock.”

Charlie said, "Now, Thank God, the gates of heaven have been opened. It’s unbelievable. I never felt it before, but I understand that it’s the feeling after giving birth. From today - only happy occasions in the Azariya family.”

The date of Azariya’s original release was May 10, but the IDF responded to his request to advance his release by two days so that he could attend his brother Adir's wedding tomorrow.

Chairman of the Jewish home, Education Minister Naftali Bennett, welcomed the soldier's release. "Glad that Elor Azariya is coming home. All the conduct from the beginning was wrong. I was the only one who said at the beginning: Wait, there has not been an investigation yet. The whole process was irreparably polluted. First of all we have to be with the soldiers and not rush to decide their fate. He was wronged. "