Jew By Choice
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Daniel Ben Eitan was born into a Russian Orthodox family of coal-miners. He never had much contact with Jews, until fifth grade, when his school fed into a new school in a Jewish neighborhood. Daniel became best friends with a Jewish boy, though he felt the boy's family never quite accepted him.

After Vietnam, Daniel was faced with a question about causing another person's death. He found no peace until he met the Torah of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, which spoke to his soul and convinced him he made the right choice.

Moving to New York, Daniel became involved in Rabbi Riskin's community, through which he eventually converted. It was while arguing with his father one day that it dawned on Daniel: he had to make Israel his home. Chosen by G-d. Now the father of seven and living more than half his life in Israel, Daniel writes prolifically and corresponds with Jews and converts about his experiences.

Tune in as Daniel Ben Eitan shares his journey and the lessons he has learned on the way.