Deri in Amichai
Deri in Amichai Miri Tzahi

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri (Shas) on Tuesday visited the Binyamin region community of Amichai, which is being established for the residents of Amona who were evicted from their homes a year ago.

Deri, whose ministry assisted in the establishment of the community, visited one of the homes together with the Chairman of the Yesha Council Hananel Dorani, the head of the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council Avi Roeh, Yesha Council Director Shilo Adler, Amona’s Chief Rabbi Yair Frank, Avichai Boaron who represents the residents, employees of the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council and the families of the Amona evictees.

At the start of the visit, Roeh said, "I would like to thank Minister Aryeh Deri for helping us along the long road we have traveled since the evacuation of Amona to the present time. The council has worked hard to ensure that the residents of Amona can rebuild their homes, and here we are today, a year after the evacuation, witnessing a new community in Israel being built by the Israeli government! We hope that the people of Amona will be able to celebrate the upcoming Passover Seder in their new home, thank you!"

Minister Deri congratulated all those who took part in the establishment of Amichai and said, "Well done, employees of the Interior Ministry, with all the problems that they had encountered while completing the task, they did everything in order to provide solutions. They viewed this as a great mission and carried out the task. The Binyamin Regional Council also did great and unbelievable work. The residents are the most important, however, as they have experienced the suffering and the long months of waiting. With God's help, we will do everything to ensure that the work is completed soon.”

Minister Deri, together with the heads of the Yesha Council and the staff of his ministry, raised a glass of wine from the vineyard in Amona and then sat down for a short talk.