Mohammed Barakeh
Mohammed Barakeh Photo by Gideon Markowicz/Flash90

An extra-parliamentary umbrella organization that represents Israel's Arab citizens urged its followers to join the protests against President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem of Israel's capital.

The High Follow-Up Committee for Arab Citizens of Israel announced that they had reached an agreement to oppose Trump's announcement following an emergency meeting in Nazareth.

"United States policy and Trump are the problem, not the solution," said Committee Chairman and former MK Mohammed Barakeh.

Barakeh called on the Arab states not to suffice with simple condemnations, but to withdraw their ambassadors from Washington, adding that "recent developments illustrate the depth of the strategic alliance between the Trump government, the Netanyahu government and the Arab reactionary regimes, primarily Saudi Arabia against the rights of the Palestinians and against the minimum conditions for a just and lasting peace based on decisions decided by the United Nations".

Numerous protest groups have already been demonstrating at major junctions across Israel. A large protest is expected to take place Saturday night in Wadi Ara.

In addition, the High Follow-Up Committee is scheduled to meet with prominent officials from the Palestinian Authority on Sunday in Jerusalem in order to coordinate their next steps. On Tuesday evening, a protest demonstration will take place in front of the US Embassy in Tel Aviv and on Monday a protest will take place during the visit of the US Deputy Secretary of State to the Knesset.

Omar Rabiya, an Arab affairs journalist for i24 News told Arutz Sheva that he doesn't expect the protests to get violent. "It matters what the Arab Knesset members will do," he said. "If they join in, then many of their party members will as well. Either way, I don't see the mainstream joining in."