NYPD (file)
NYPD (file)Mendy Hechtman/Flash90

A haredi man in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg narrowly avoided being the victim of a murder attempt on Friday when a former worker attempted to stab him, Behadrei Haredim reported.

According to the report, the worker was upset after the haredi man fired him from his job at a local florist and confronted the owner while carrying a large knife. Police arrested the perpetrator and the owner did not suffer any injuries.

A neighbor told Behadrei Haredim that the worker had a history of not getting along with his managers. "Before getting fired he had worked in another store next to the florist and left because he did not get along with the shopkeeper," he said.

"He then started working at the florist and began fighting with the owner. After he was fired he came for revenge and tried to kill his former boss. Miraculously, his plot did not succeed, and the owner of the shop was not harmed. "