NetanyahuKobi Gideon /GPO/FLASH90

The Arab world is dropping much of its traditional antagonism towards the Jewish state, paving the way for the closest relations ever between Israel and her neighbors, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Wednesday.

Speaking at an event at the Foreign Ministry, Channel 2 reported, Netanyahu said the dramatic shift in the Arab world’s behavior towards Israel was unprecedented, and more significant than the thawing of relations which occurred following the 1993 Olso Accords and 1994 peace treaty with Jordan.

“What’s happening now with the Arab bloc states has never before happened in our history – even when we signed agreements,” said Netanyahu.

“What we have now is greater than anything else during any other period in Israel’s history."

Despite this shift, however, Netanyahu said most Arab states have yet to expand direct cooperation with Israel.

The Prime Minister also singled out the Palestinian Authority, which unlike most of the Sunni Arab world, has remains stuck in the past with regards to its attitude towards Israel.

“Unfortunately, the Palestinians still haven’t changed their terms for a peace agreement, which are totally unacceptable for a large part of the public.”

Israel has strengthened its diplomatic position elsewhere, Netanyahu continued, saying Israel’s “alliance with the United States is stronger than ever,” and said the Jewish state was “developing” a relationship with Eastern European countries.

In Africa, as well, Netanyahu said Israel was fostering closer ties.

“Our return [diplomatically] to Africa expands the scope of technological assistance, and that in turn creates a lot of interest [in ties with Israel] on the continent.”