Israeli Ambassador to the UN strongly criticized the Palestinian Authority's to the recent terrorist attacks in Israel ahead of a Security Council meeting on the recent violence over the Temple Mount.

Ambassador Danon presented a photograph from the scene of Friday’s terror attack in which the Salomon family was murdered.

“The Salomon family had gathered for the most joyous occasion, the birth of a new grandson. Instead, the night ended in a massacre. They sat down to eat the Sabbath meal when the terrorist entered their home. He stabbed his victims to death, murdering Yosef, the seventy-year-old grandfather, his daughter Haya, and his son Elad, all while the children were hidden in a room,” said Ambassador Danon.

“Instead of condemning this act of terror and calming the situation, the Palestinians are trying to spread the lie that this unspeakable act of violence is Israel’s fault. Do not believe these lies. The terrorist who murdered this family did so knowing that the PA will pay him thousands of dollars a month,” the Ambassador continued.

“This attack is not an isolated incident. It is part of a wave of terror sweeping the free world by those brainwashed by hateful teachings. They are taught that violence and coldblooded murder is holy. The Security Council must demand that Mahmoud Abbas and the PA act immediately to end the terror and incitement before the lives of more innocent victims are lost,” Ambassador Danon concluded.