Sara Netanyahu
Sara Netanyahu Flash 90

This afternoon (Tuesday), Supreme Court Justice Yoram Danziger rejected the petition filed by the wife of the Prime Minister, Sara Netanyahu, against the National Labor Court's ruling according to which she may not appeal the rulings on the cases of Meni Naftali and Guy Eliyahu.

Naftali and Eliyahu sued the Prime Minister's Office for violations of their rights that they claim occurred while working at the Prime Minister's residence.

The verdicts handed down on the couple included damning statements about the behavior of the wife of the Prime Minister towards official residence workers.

Netanyahu, who was not sued and participated in the proceeding as a witness only, appealed the ruling of the Regional Labor Court, but the National Labor Court secretariat refused to accept the appeal because she was not a party to the proceeding.Netanyahu appealed the decision to the National Labor Court, which rejected the request to join the appeal.

Following the ruling of the National Labor Court, Netanyahu petitioned the High Court of Justice, which rejected the petition today and held that Netanyahu had no right to join the appeal when she knew about the original proceeding and chose not to submit a request then.

"At the legal level, we do not have here a dispute that raises fundamental legal questions or that may have broad implications for employees and their rights. At the end of the day, the case deals with the specific implementation of known and recognized laws dealing with the status of litigants and third parties in appeals proceedings.This legal issue is not new to us, and it has been discussed in rulings and in professional literature many times," the judges ruled.