Monument honors terrorist  Khaled Nazzal,
Monument honors terrorist  Khaled Nazzal, IDF spokesperson

IDF forces on Thursday night confiscated a Jenin monument honoring terrorist Khaled Nazzal, who orchestrated the 1974 Ma'alot massacre, which killed 26 people including 22 students.

Confiscating the monument is an integral part of fight against Palestinian Arab incitement to violence against Jews, an IDF spokesman said.

The monument was erected a few weeks ago, and Israeli security personnel warned locals that if it was not removed, the IDF would be forced to confiscate it.

The Jenin municipality removed the monument last week, replacing it one day later.

Local Arabs fired at Israeli personnel, who returned fire and caused the terrorist to drop his weapon and run. The terrorist's weapon was confiscated by the Israeli security personnel.

In May 1974, terrorists entered a school in the northern town of Ma'alot and took dozens of children and teachers hostage. IDF forces arrived at the school to perform a rescue operation, but 22 children and four adults were murdered in the attack, and 68 civilians and soldiers were wounded.