European Jewish Association General Director Rabbi Menachem Margolin spoke at the European Parliament about their recent anti-Israel conference, which honored representatives from the Palestinian Authority and the BDS movement.

"Yesterday, an anti-Israeli conference was held in the European Parliament with participation of senior representatives from the Palestinian Authority and BDS activists, who defamed the State of Israel and presented it as the sole side at fault for the failure of the peace process," Margolin said.

"I, of course, could not remain silent, at the amount of lies, the monstrous demonization and distortion of the facts that were said there – so I decided to stand up and tell the truth to the 'Honorable Forum.'

"Discussion about Israel and the Middle East is important, but when it comes to a platform for distributing lies and pro-Palestinian propaganda - we must not remain silent!"

In March, Rabbi Margolin emphasized that European rabbis "have to spend their time on security" instead of preserving Europe's vanishing Jewry.