GasFlash 90

On Sunday at midnight, government-controlled gas prices at the stations will jump 6 agorot, the National Infrastructures, Energy, and Water Resources Ministry said.

The maximum price per liter of 95 octane gas will be 6.02 NIS per liter, constituting a 1.01% rise (6 agorot) since the previous month.

The price of the same 95-octane lead-free gas in Eilat, at a self-service station, will be 5.15 NIS per liter, constituting a 6 agorot - but 1.18% - rise since last month.

The additional cost of full service will remain stable, at no more than 19 agorot per liter.

The new price gap factors for 10% for shipping and marketing costs and 65% for taxes, with only 25% of the cost being the gas itself.