Amona Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

The leaders of the town of Amona in Samaria penned a letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Education Minister Nafatli Bennett Sunday, protesting the fact that the government did not abide by the agreement with the residents to provide alternate housing on the same hill in return for their pledge to be evacuated peacefully.

The residents wrote that they will initiate a new campaign against the impending demolition of their homes, which according to the agreement reached last month and which was approved by the Supreme Court must take place by February 8. They wrote that the only solution which would prevent the destruction of their homes would be to enact the Regulation Law to retroactively legalize the construction.

The letter reads: "On December 18, the residents of Amona signed an agreement with the political leadership of the State of Israel to implement an outline formulated by you in the Prime Minister's Office for several hours the night before the signing of the agreement. Under the agreement, it was decided that 42 homes and 10 public buildings would be constructed on plots 38, 54, 28, 29, and 30 on the hill of Amona. The agreement states that the 'work will commence immediately.'"

"It has been 34 days since the agreement was signed, and just two weeks remain before the execution of the judgement to evacuate the town. And nothing has happened. Not one tractor, or one worker [has come]. There was just one surveyor who came to prepare the area as suggested and as we agreed upon," the letter continues.

"We, the residents of Amona, whom you lead, together with the Israeli public, with an emphasis on the right-wing voters and the national camp, tell you bluntly that we feel cheated, not to mention betrayed, and see you as personally responsible for the situation which has been created, this farce," they told Netanyahu and Bennett.

''How is it possible that more than a month after 'work will commence immediately' nothing has happened?" they asked. "How is it possible that two weeks before the destruction of an entire community [which has been here] for twenty years from the face of the earth, you say 'the crisis is past, and life goes on?'"

They said that in light of the current situation in which no homes are prepared for them to move into, "we have no choice but to renew with full force the public campaign [against the demolition], and to bring the thousands of supporters of Amona to stand with us and do everything possible to prevent the planned evacuation."

They added that since the government failed to live up to the terms of the agreement by failing to begin construction on alternate housing, "we believe that we are no longer bound by the agreement."

They said that they and the Israeli public would not be tricked the way they believe the residents of the destroyed communities of Kfar Maimon and Gush Katif were. "We will all be in Amona, and you will hear the cry from the ends of the world: The Jewish community will not be destroyed! The Jewish family will not be erased!'"

"We will not tolerate any further outline. We will not be captivated by any suggestion or idea. Only one thing can be done at this time to avoid the consequences of the conflict. And you and the government alone are responsible for it - the enactment of the Amona section of the Regulation Law.''