Prison (illustrative)
Prison (illustrative)Flash90

A young haredi woman from the coastal city of Ashdod was arrested and sent to Prison 6, a military prison, on suspicion of draft dodging.

Rabbi Tuvia Schulzinger, one of the leaders of the campaign against the recruitment of haredim to the IDF, told Arutz Sheva that "It seems that the story of the drafting of haredim does not end with Yeshiva students. Now they are starting with haredi girls. This is the trend to make life difficult for haredi girls who wish to get a deferment...The girls have to go to the recruitment office which piles up difficulties for them."

Rabbi Schulzinger believes that the deferment forms of the 19 year old girl who was arrested may have been improperly filled out, leading to a clerical error. "Everyone understands that this is a haredi girl. It may be that someone tried to trick her to make her enlist. It is a very serious matter for a Bais Yaakov seminary girl to be arrested and sent to Prison 6."

"There is no question under the law that a girl who declares that she keeps the Shabbat and keeps kosher receives a deferment. But there is a trend to make haredi girls serve in the army like the National Religious (sector), where girls are enlisting in the army," he said.

"The Chazon Ish and the Sages of the Generation warned us more than sixty years ago that girls being recruited to the army was (a line we should) "die before crossing."" Rabbi Schulzinger continued. "We have to go out onto the streets (to protest).

"The Eida Haredit and the sage Rabbi Auerbach have gotten involved in this matter. It is hard to get the idea out of our heads-that a haredi girl is sitting in Prison 6 right now. The news is spreading like wildfire."

This is not the first time that a young haredi woman was mistakenly arrested on suspicion of being a draft dodger. In July a 20 year old woman was arrested at Ben Gurion Airport after the army failed to file her deferment documents.