The Hawaiian musician who was seen in a video performing the Matisyahu song “One Day” in a Maui coffee shop unknowingly with the ex-Orthodox reggae star performed with him onstage at the Hollywood Palladium.

Kekoa Alama, a singer and ukulele player, and Matisyahu performed the latter's hit "One Day" before seguing into Bob Marley's "No Woman, No Cry" at the Los Angeles theater.

A clip of the performance was posted on the Facebook page of Matisyahu's manager, Stu Brooks.

Matisyahu in a video posted on his Facebook page had invited Alama to perform with him, but Alama responded that he could not Hawaii because he had violated his probation and was “on the run” from police. Saying Alama was “trying to create love and light for the world,” Matisyahu said he would help Alama perform in the show.

In a video posted Aug. 8 on Brooks' Facebook page, Matisyahu announced that following a conference call with the judge in the case, Alama’s probation officer, the public defender and district prosecutor, Alama had permission to perform at the Hollywood Palladium concert.

In a video from late July that went viral, Alama did not know he was singing with Matisyahu, who was sporting a red-and-black-checkered shirt and long blonde locks.

At the end of the song, Matisyahu asked Alama, “You know who wrote this song?” and pointed to himself, leading to expressions of disbelief from Alama.