Baby in a car. Illustrative.
Baby in a car. Illustrative. Istock

The proposal initiated by MKs Itzik Shmuli (Labor) and David Bitan (Likud) which would require that an electronic warning device be installed in cars to prevent children being left in vehicles, will be adopted and promoted by the Ministry of Transport.

Shmuli, who co-heads the security lobby together with MK Bitan, told the Transport Ministry representative in attendance in the Knesset debate that "the time has come to understand that the problem will not be solved by itself and more babies may be forgotten and die in boiling hot cars.

"When do you intend to wake up, in the winter? We need to start pushing hard for the legislation to install a sensor in vehicles that will alert people to forgotten children," MK Shmuli demanded.

The Transport Ministry representative responded that a newly-appointed special task force was working hard to promote the proposal to make sure that every car has a sensor installed.

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