Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana Reuters

The legendary Grammy-award winning guitarist Carlos Santana is scheduled to appear in Park Hayarkon is Tel Aviv on July 30, Yediot Aharonot reported.

When asked what his stance is regarding the anti-Israel BDS movement, that encourages the boycott of Israeli businesses and often pressures artists not to perform in Israel, Santana stated that "I prefer to do something productive with my energy. The majority of proceeds from the concert will go to Israeli and Palestinian children.

"A friend once told me, 'stop whining, either do something helpful or shut up.' That's my answer to a lot of people. I do things from my heart, in order to help the world and get to greater compassion and forgiveness."

Santana emphasizes the universal aspects of music. "Music is something holy, an inspiration that helps people see how to live together in coexistence. When you hear all the music in the world, age doesn't matter. It's a collective celebration, energy and other world views - it keeps you really young," he said.