Execution in Iran (file)
Execution in Iran (file) Reuters

While the Islamic Republic of Iran is intervening and claiming to protect “Shiite Shrines” and Shiite Arabs in Syria, the Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran has issued a press release saying that the very same Iran has sentenced to death by hanging three young Shiite Arab Iranian political prisoners. The three condemned men come from a small town called Hamidiyeh in the oil-rich region of Ahwaz in southwestern Iran, which is populated mostly by Arab Shiites .

In short: in Syria, Iran claims it is protecting Shiite Arabs, but inside its own borders, it executes Shiite Arabs.

The prisoners are Qais Obaidavi, 25, who has a BA in law; his 20-year-old brother, Ahmad Obaidavi, and their cousin Sajjad Obaidavi, a law student. They are charged with so-called “Moharebeh (enmity against God)” and “corruption on Earth.”

Zagros crestline and Ahwaz Mark Langfan

The press release goes on to claim that in order to cause maximal terror within the Arab minority in Iran, the Tehran regime has “announced in advance that these prisoners will be hanged in public. Since the time they were arrested, these inmates have faced severe tortures and pressures in solitary confinement at the detention center of Ahwaz Intelligence.”

Also, in order to minimize the backlash against the public hanging, the Iranian “regime has forced the families of these prisoners to leave their homes in Hamidiyeh.”

The press release urges all parties to call on the United Nations to condemn these executions of political prisoners. It concludes that all political and economic relations with the regime "should be conditioned upon the improvement of human rights in Iran, especially a halt to executions. Otherwise, in the midst of a growing number of executions, any relations with and assistance to the religious fascism ruling Iran has no meaning, other than persuading it to continue and intensify the gross and systematic violation of human rights in Iran.”

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