Islamic State (ISIS) supporters took to social media on Thursday to celebrate the deadly attacks on Brussels and to call others to join in the onslaught.

The well-edited video, called "The Exile of Islam and the Brussels Attacks," shows footage of the aftermath of the ISIS Brussels bombings, medical workers helping victims and soldiers guarding the streets of the Belgian capital, while flames engulf the footage.

The video also featured images of French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, and U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump saying “Brussels was one of the great cities, the most beautiful cities in the world 20 years ago. It was amazing, actually, and safe. And now it’s a horror show."

An Arabic fight song plays as footage of terrorists attending target practice rolls: “Brothers rise up! Claim your victory! Haya! (Let’s go!) Let’s go for Jihad!”

The nine-minute-long clip is reportedly produced by the pro-ISIS al-Battar Media Foundation.

The video was released two days after Brussels was rocked by multiple explosions killing 34 and wounding hundreds of others.