ISIS flag (illustration)
ISIS flag (illustration)Reuters

Another major blow to Islamic State (ISIS) fighters - this time by the hands of two women from the British army.

According to a report exposed by the British Daily Mail on Sunday, the two women in their twenties work alongside the British SAS special unit as officers in the Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR), and operate in Iraq and Syria as part of the military operation launched by British Prime Minister David Cameron against the ISIS terror organization.

The pair, who were accompanied by locally recruited spies, were travelling from Iraq when their vehicle was stopped by ISIS fighters at a Syrian checkpoint. When the jihadi terrorists grew suspicious of the women's identities, they opened fire at the pair and a shootout broke out.

The women, armed with pistols and submachine guns, were able to kill a number of ISIS terrorists before managing to flee the scene unharmed with only their car damaged, having been left covered in bullet holes

A security official told the British website: “These women are probably the most deadly in the armed forces. They are extremely fit, intelligent and very professional. They handled themselves really well and have proved to be just as good as the men in every respect. They were really up for the fight once they were compromised.”

The source added, “They sometimes get a hard time from their male colleagues and the banter can get a bit fruity but there is a great deal of mutual respect and they give as good as they get.”

Formed in 2005, the SRR recruits both men and women from all three armed services with only the toughest making it through the intense six month recruitment process. Along with the French Foreign Legion and the US Navy Seals, the SRR elite battalion is considered one of the most outstanding and respected in the world and takes part in operations in Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.