Terrorist receives medical attenion after attacking soldiers near Hermeh
Terrorist receives medical attenion after attacking soldiers near HermehSecurity Department Samaria Region

A terrorist approached a military checkpoint near the town of Hermesh and attempted to stab a soldier stationed at the checkpoint. Soldiers on location shot him and prevented him from carrying out the attack. 

No Israeli forces were wounded in the attack. 

The surprised and improvised checkpoint was established 200 meters away from the entrance to the town. There are generally no guards at the location. 

The terrorist was seen running towards the soldiers with a knife in his hand, and was shot in the stomach. Having been neutralized, he is currently receiving medical attention on site.  

Head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan said "The presence of the soldiers on location as well as their rapid response which we see on a daily basis is excellent and important. We give our full support to the commanders and soldiers. However it seems that as the situation stand the terrorism will not cease. Only when the Palestinians feel that they have something to lose, and that each and every terror attack harms them, will there be an interest in Palestinian society to do away with terrorism." 

Dagan suggested a possible response to the continued terrorist activity. "It has to be made very clear to the Palestinians with regard to which roads they are allowed to travel on. Every time they come to a checkpoint or road and attack it, it should be closed. If a terrorist attacks a checkpoint, that checkpoint needs to remain closed to Palestinians. Firstly to prevent further attacks and save the lives of soldiers. Secondly, it will deliver a clear message that we do not tolerate terror."

Dagan says that each attack needs to have a "clear and decisive response."

"I am saddened that the State of Israel continues to tolerate terror attacks, instead of unequivocally uprooting its source."