Love Israel - through food
Love Israel - through foodCourtesy

Renown food bloggers, Aliza Salem (@theghettogourmet) and Leslie Perez (, have launched a unique campaign in response to the biased reporting by many media outlets of the terrorist attacks here in Israel.

They have "been left speechless" and feeling helpless by the biased media coverage of the constant attacks against innocent Israelis these past few weeks and therefore decided to take things into their own hands and use their talents and love of food to create a new campaign: "Change For Israel."

Arutz Sheva Food & Lifestyle is asking all our foodies to step up and take part in this great initiative.

The bloggers have requested that all fellow food bloggers, foodies, chefs and anyone else who loves food or Israel to join together tomorrow, October 27th 2015, and buy Israeli products to make an Israeli dish. The aim is to simultaneously boost the suffering Israeli economy while raising awareness of some of the positive things Israeli has to offer. 

Dishes that Salem suggested include Shakshuka, hummus, falafel, shawarma, couscous and vegetables, chicken using Pereg spices, baked goods decorated with the Israeli flag and more. The possibilities are indeed endless - and you can search for your inspiration right here!

The final step to participating in this positive "Love Israel Through Food Campaign" is to post your picture on instagram and hashtag #buyisraelicookisraelibakeisraeli#loveisraelfood#onenationoneheart and tag as many media outlets as possible - @cnn @msnbc @foxnews @nytimes @bbc @abcnews @cbc @nbc.

This will in turn show the outlets a large number of positive images of Israel and hopefully storm the internet for the right reasons. Salem's hope is that "together we could hopefully bring some light to what is really going on in Israel, and at the same time show love and solidarity with our brothers there."