It... just... keeps... coming...!
It... just... keeps... coming...!Thinkstock


Where: Talpiyot, Jerusalem

If you're vegetarian, stop right here. Carnivores, this one's for you - Israel's best known all-you-can-eat meat joint.

Genre of food: Meat, meat and meat. (There is also a fish option, but... why!?)

What we ate: What didn't we eat? They start with the cheaper meats like chicken legs and mini burgers (both of which were great), but save yourself for the subsequent waves of meat-eating heaven: everything from succulent pargiot, to lamb, beef, London broil and the creamiest liver you have ever tasted. And it just keeps coming (as long as you ask for it).

For dessert (don't ask how we had any space) was a lovely parev chocolate souffle and some mint tea to help the meat down - but really, it was all about the meat.

Mainly ignored the side-dishes (don't be a sucker - they're just there to fill you up!) The spicy wings and spicy sweet potato cubes were good though, and their bread tastes fresh and home-baked. 

How it tasted: Succulent, juicy and oh-so meaty.

Service: Very good - they'll keep serving you until you pop.

Ambience: Relaxed and informal, but still respectable. What's noticeable is you can actually hear each other talk because unlike some places they don't blast music down your ears, and the spacious room means you don't have to hear everyone else's conversations.

Decor: No frills, but decent. Open-plan gives it a spacious feel even when it's very full (which it usually is), which is nice.

Cleanliness: Spotless

Price ($ / $$ / $$$): $$ - It is expensive, but for all-you-can-eat, no complaints about the price.

Best / recommended dish: London broil was so delicious, tender and juicy I would've been happy with just a plateful of that.

Would you return: Yes

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