IDF soldier (illustration)
IDF soldier (illustration) IDF Website

The attorney of a combat soldier from the Nahal Haredi brigade strongly criticized the army on Wednesday, after his client was demoted from combat service for allegedly encouraging Jewish residents in the Binyamin region of Samaria to cross a police barrier meant to prevent them from protesting local Arab terrorism.

Attorney Adi Keidar of the Honenu legal aid organization accused the IDF of not showing any consideration for soldiers such as his client, who is himself a resident of Samaria.

"It is very saddening that the IDF continues to put soldiers in impossible situations from their perspective," said Keidar, who noted the protest came after Jewish residents from nearby Yitzhar were wounded by Arab terrorists who threw rocks at their car just hours earlier at the Alon Junction, after which the road was closed - to Jews.

"It's a shame that due to a lack of consideration a combat soldier finds himself in a situation like this in which he is forced to stand against friends and neighbors, and in the end be judged by his commanders for an incident he didn't need to be brought into in the first place," added the attorney.

Keidar concluded, saying, "we hope that the IDF will take in the needed lessons from this incident."

The combat warrior was sentenced to extended confinement, and according to publications by the IDF Spokesperson Unit will be dismissed from his combat role.

The IDF claims the soldier arrived last Saturday night with a police officer to block protesters from an area that police had closed off to Jews, who were protesting the closure of the Alon Highway to Jews due to Arab rioting.

During the incident the soldier allegedly took the side of the protesters and stood between the officer and a Jewish protester that she was trying to apprehend, and likewise encouraged the Jews to cross the barrier to protest the rock attack.