New Jersey's Atlantic City is famous for its beaches and resorts, and known particularly as a haven for gamblers from across the world, with millions of tourists flocking each year to its casinos.

And yet, in the heart of a city that is seemingly as far away from Jewish values as possible, you will find the beautiful "Rodef Shalom" synagogue, which services a small number of Jewish congregants on Shabbat and festivals.

Not far from it is the city's Chabad House, headed by Rabbi Shmuel David Rappaport and his wife Tova. 

It is trademark Chabad. To find, in such a spiritually empty place in the middle of America, such an elaborate synagogue and a fully-functioning and vibrant Chabad House which helps so many Jews - including countless tourists and travelers - is an incredible site to behold.

The Rappaports say their focus is particularly to impart a basic Jewish education and Jewish identity to the children of this tiny community - not just at their Barmitzvahs or under the chuppa, as Rabbi Rappaport stresses: their work begins the moment a new Jewish child is born.