Two Jewish teenagers were attacked with paintballs in Brooklyn on Friday night as they were coming home from synagogue with their grandfather, JP Updates reported Sunday night. 

The two Orthodox teens, according to officials at the New York Police Department, were struck while walking on Morton Street and Juliana Place in Williamsburg at around 8:50 p.m.

The younger boy, 13, was hit on his left foot, while the elder, 16, was hit in the eye and on his arm, police said. Their grandfather, 65, was not struck. 

After Shabbat ended on Saturday evening, the brothers, with the help of the Williamsburg Shomrim, filed a police report with the NYPD's 90th precinct.

Police are considering the assault in the heavily Jewishly-populated neighborhood a bias, or hate, crime. 

A similar incident occurred several days prior last Sunday, when at least two additional Jewish men were attacked with paintballs while walking in the same neighborhood. 

One of the men reported that someone either shot him with a paintball gun or threw paint on him. 

While police have not yet confirmed the two incidents are related, it appears extremely likely the two attacks were committed by the same people, NYPD sources said. 

They also noted that the Hate Crime Task Force has already reviewed surveillance cameras in the area, obtaining evidence that may lead to the perpetrators' arrests.