Taking part at the annual AIPAC conference in Washington DC were those behind a unique film, which gives a first person view from the eyes of a fresh IDF recruit.

"Beneath the Helmet" is the work of co-producer David Coleman and First Lt. Eden Adler who plays a key role in the film, and Arutz Sheva got the chance to speak with both of them at the conference.

The movie was launched four months ago, and now the two are promoting the film in the US, travelling primarily through college campuses to gain awareness for the film.

"The idea of the movie is to show the world the soldiers beneath the helmet, who they are, what they stand for and why they do what they have to do," explained Coleman.

He noted that in the last two weeks they have shown the film to a whopping 3,000 people, and feedback has been very positive.

Adler spoke about the palpable anti-Semitism they have encountered during the showings on campuses, and said he has been glad for the opportunity to fight this phenomenon with the film.