State Comptroller Yosef Shapira
State Comptroller Yosef Shapira Israel news photo: Flash 90

The left-wing politicians and media in Israel have been pummeling Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife for years with allegations of unjustified spending on everything from a bed on a plane to pistachio ice cream.

The last few weeks have been particularly grueling, with the media focusing on allegations that Sarah Netanyahu pocketed money she received from supermarkets for deposits on bottles.

With the State Comptroller and Ombudsman's report on spending in Netanyahu's residence due to be published next week – someone in Likud apparently made sure to leak photos of the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem, reportedly taken during a meeting of Likud MKs with Netanyahu at the location.

Three photos published by Army Radio reporter Ido Benbaji show a small, untrendy kitchen, a small porch and peeling paint.