Rocket damage (file)
Rocket damage (file) Flash 90

No fewer than 570 rockets have been fired at Israel over a five day period, the Foreign Ministry revealed Sunday, tallying the total rocket count since Hamas broke an extended ceasefire on August 19. 

Of those, more than 260 rockets that were launched from schools, more than 50 rockets from medical facilities and more than 130 rockets from cemeteries, the report added. 

The report also includes maps for multiple launching sites responsible for rocket fire on Israeli civilians, in yet another compendium of examples profiling Hamas's proclivity for using Palestinian Arabs as human shields. The report follows a similar expose by the IDF last week.

The MFA sites listed include the launching site located adjacent to the Jafar Ali Ibn Taleb school in the Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza City responsible for the rocket fire which killed four year-old Daniel Tragerman Friday. 

"This school currently serves as a shelter maintained by Hamas authorities in Gaza," the report notes. 

Other sites listed include:

  • Two school compounds in Sheijaya, from which rockets were fired at Israeli communities located near the Gaza Strip during the past two days. Over 36 rockets were fired at Israel during August from this compound.
  • A medical facility in Sheijaya, from which rockets were fired in the past few days at Israeli communities.
  • A cemetery in Zeitoun, from which rockets were fired in the past few days at Israeli communities.

At least twenty rockets were fired on Israeli communities in the first hours of Sunday alone, wounding at least five people