The Hamas terrorist group has published another Hebrew-language video in which it threatens Israelis.

After previously releasing a Hebrew version of a popular Hamas battle song calling to 'exterminate' Jews and Israel, Wednesday’s video directly threatens IDF soldiers and warns them not to launch a ground assault on Gaza.

“Zionist soldier, don’t move. You’re in Gaza. You are being targeted by Hamas snipers,” says the video, after it shows snipers firing at IDF soldiers who are advancing towards Gaza.

Earlier on Wednesday, Israelis in the Binyamin region received a "warning" via text message from Hamas's "military wing", threatening continued violence against civilians.

The text messages read:

Your government claimed yesterday that it stopped the battle, but without our consent and meeting our conditions - and it thought we were rash enough to [agree to a] cease-fire. On the contrary, we hurried to strike anywhere in Israel - from Dimona to Haifa - and we made you hide in shelters like mice. . .

Again, we warn you - if your government does not agree to all of our conditions, then all of Israel will legally remain open to our weapons fire.

Izz - Eddine al-Qassam Brigades

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