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An Israeli official confirmed to TIME magazine on Tuesday that Israel was behind the airstrike on the border between Syria and Lebanon on Monday night.

The unnamed senior security official said that Israeli warplanes hit a convoy carrying surface-to-surface missiles into Lebanon.

The specifics of the missiles targeted by the strike were not immediately available, but the Israeli official indicated to TIME they could carry warheads heavier and more dangerous than almost all of the tens of thousands of missiles and rockets Hezbollah now has pointed toward Israel.

Earlier airstrikes, which have also been attributed to Israel, targeted four categories of armaments Israeli officials warned it would destroy if detected moving into Hezbollah’s home territory of Lebanon from Syria, noted TIME.

Earlier on Tuesday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu did not deny that Israel had carried out an air raid against Hezbollah targets on the Syrian-Lebanese border, but did not offer express confirmation either.

"We are doing everything that is necessary in order to defend the security of Israel," Netanyahu said at a joint news conference in Jerusalem with visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"We will not say what we're doing or what we're not doing" to maintain Israel's security, he said in reply to a question on the raid.

Israel has never confirmed nor denied involvement in any of the previous airstrikes in Syria, but former National Security Adviser Yaakov Amidror told the Tablet magazine recently that it was no accident that some Syrian shipments of advanced missile systems to Hezbollah did not make it to their destination.