An Islamist terror group has held a march in Gaza and uploaded a propaganda video that documents the parade and includes interviews with commanders.

The group is the Tawheed regiment, which is part of the armed wing of the Popular Resistance Committees.

The main message in the commanders' statements is their commitment to salafist Islam, which divides the world into two camps – believers and infidels – and sees Jihad as a basic principle in combating the infidels.

The infidel enemies of Islam, according to their view, include secular people, Jews, the “Crusaders” (as Christians are referred to) and Shiite Muslims. One of the commanders explained that this is why the group vehemently opposes any agreement with Israel.

The parade included dozens of terrorists armed with light weapons, sniper rifles, light and heavy machine guns, as well as an advanced anti-tank missile.

Of all the terrorist groups in Gaza, which is ruled by Hamas, and in areas of Judea and Samaria under the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, none is classified as a terror group by the local Arab authorities. This includes organizations identified with Al Qaeda.