SamariaFlash 90

Police on Wednesday night arrested seven Jews, residents of towns in Samaria. The seven were accused of throwing rocks and firebombs in the Arab village of Burin.

Five of the suspects were released Thursday morning. Two of the suspects, both minors, are still in custody.

The arrests occurred after groups of Jews protested a shooting incident in Samaria Wednesday night. In the incident, shots were fired at an Israeli bus traveled from Ariel to Elon Moreh. Shots were fired at the bus as it traveled near the village. No one was injured, but there was damage to the bus. Fortunately, the bus driver was able to continue driving. The driver reported the incident when he got to an IDF outpost.

IDF soldiers began searching for the shooters. Police have opened an investigation into the shooting. No arrests have been made yet.

Samaria Council head Gershon Mesika. “This shooting is a worrying development,” said Mesika. “We demand that the IDF develop and utilize the appropriate measures to restore security to residents.”