Clock at Jerusalem's 'Zaharei Chamah' Synagog
Clock at Jerusalem's 'Zaharei Chamah' Synagog Flash90

Israel moves to summer ( daylight savings) time on Friday morning. Clocks will be turned forward at 2:00 AM Friday morning by one hour, with sunrise and sunset occurring one hour later on Friday. Shabbat, as well, will begin and end a bit more than an hour later than it did a week earlier.

For the first time in decades, the return of winter (standard) time will be tied to a general date, and not set for the eve of Yom Kippur. Winter time returns on October 3, with a total of 193 days on the summer clock for Israel this year. The “summer season” was extended last year by the Knesset after over 400,000 Israelis signed a petition asking for an extension.

According to many economists, summer time generally saves money for the economy, due to the increase in productivity by workers who produce more during the daylight hours, and the lesser need for street lighting. Retail sales are generally better as well, as people tend to buy more during the daytime.

However, some economists dispute this, saying that there is little, if any savings in lengthening summer time, as most people spend their days indoors in artificial lighting anyway. Several U.S. government studies suggest that summer time saves less than 1% of the country's energy usage over time.